“Increase Investment in Agriculture”: Uhuru Kenyatta Asks Global Financial Bodies

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President Uhuru Kenyatta emphasised the need for the global financial institutions to shift focus to the agriculture sector to help develop food systems in Africa – The president listed five strategies that his government had deployed towards enhancing food production systems and invited the investors to support the economic transformation agenda – Uhuru spoke during the virtual inaugural United Nations (UN) Food Systems Summit that was held on the margins of the ongoing UN General Assembly (UNGA 76).

President Uhuru Kenyatta has urged Global financial institutions ramp up investments in agriculture as part of their support for African economies. The president challenged financial institutions to support the innovation and design appropriate mechanisms that will help eliminate risks and losses in Africa’s agricultural sector

“To support transformation of our economies, I would like to challenge our global financial institutions to innovate and design appropriate de-risking and financing instruments for increased investment in agriculture especially on the African continent.”

Uhuru said as part of Kenya’s commitment to investing in sustainable and resilient food systems, his administration has developed a food systems call to action that is data driven, inclusive and innovative. He added that Kenya’s unique food system encompasses rich and diverse diets as well as a climate resilient livelihoods plan, a combination that has ensured significant progress towards 100% food and nutrition security in the country. The President listed five strategies the country has deployed towards enhancing food production systems.

These include the provision of relevant information to farmers and traders through national e-voucher programme as well as extension and advisory services, market information systems and commodity exchange services. Uhuru noted that his government was determined to fully re-engage the youth in food production through the revival of 4-K and Young Farmers clubs so as to ignite their passion for agriculture and teach them about healthy diets.

Culled from  https://www.tuko.co.ke/427021-co-op-bank-inks-ksh-750m-green-financing-deal-african-guarantee-fund.html

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