IFC’s TechEmerge and Kobo360 to Drive Sustainable Cooling Innovations in Nigeria

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Eleven global innovators have been selected to partner with 15 leading Nigerian companies to pilot cost-effective and climate-smart technologies to strengthen Nigeria’s temperature-controlled logistics supply chain under the Company’s TechEmerge program. Financial International (IFC) in partnership with the African digital logistics platform Kobo360.

The Sustainable Cooling Innovation program in Nigeria is funded by the UK government’s International Climate Finance and offers a total grant pool of $ 1 million to support field testing over the next 12-18 months.

“ Temperature-controlled logistics are vital to getting perishable goods to market and protecting vaccines and other sensitive pharmaceuticals. However, conventional technologies are often expensive, inefficient and emit large amounts of greenhouse gases, ”said Kevin Njiraini, IFC’s regional director for South Africa and Nigeria. ” By supporting innovative private sector pilot projects, we can help pave the way for climate-smart cooling systems to be more accessible to the logistics sector in Nigeria and the region in general .”

The selected innovators are Tunasha, Eja-Ice, Gricd and Mandilas Group from Nigeria, Enersion from Canada, Chill Technologies from UK, Koolboks from France and Ecozen Solutions, Pluss Advanced Technologies, Sonnenschein Engineering & Infra and Thermal Energy Service Solutions from l ‘India.

Nigerian partner companies of the innovators are Fan Milk, L&Z Integrated Farms, Agvest, Alyx, Amo Farm, Anthorad Nigeria, Cam Dairy Foods, Food Concepts, Integrated Motors Industries, Iron Products Industries, JustFood, Kennie O Cold Chain Logistics, Tak Logistics, KSR Power & Engineering, and Lange and Grant Commodities.

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