Guinea prohibits cutting and transporting of Timber

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As of today, the cutting and transport of timber in Guinea is prohibited ” until further notice, ” the Ministry of Environment, Water and Forests said in a statement on Friday. The issuance by the administration of cutting and transport permits is also prohibited, underlines the ministry on social networks

This decision follows ” the abusive cutting of wood in our forests and the illegal exploitation of forest resources in general “, it is indicated. Guinea ” is one of the countries with the fastest rates of deforestation in the world”, indicates the ministry on its website which refers to ” unbridled deforestation “.

From 14 million hectares in the 1960s, the forest cover fell in the late 2010s to less than 700,000 hectares, making Guinea ” one of the bad pupils ” of forest conservation.

It should be noted that the Minister is today completing a four-day tour in the regions of Faranah and Mamou in order to ” raise awareness of environmental issues, in particular the fight against excessive cutting and the illegal transport of timber to border countries “, in particular, Sierra Leone to then be shipped to Asia. Note that in Faranah, he visited a nursery of 21,000 Gmélina, mahogany, and Léngué plants intended for the 2021 reforestation campaign.

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