Co-founder Onyeka Akumah Exit’s Farmcrowdy

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Farmcrowdy has grown in the last couple of years from an idea to a full-blown business. We have seen engagement with the first farmer in Ibadan to growing our network to over 400,000 farmers. We started as a crowdfunding platform, built a team I’m absolutely proud of, acquired the 3rd largest meat processor in Lagos, sold one of our businesses (the crowdfunding business – Crowdyvest), raised over $17m USD for farmers, engaged with stakeholders, governments and policy makers to improve agriculture with technology.

Today, Farmcrowdy has broken even and is heading towards profitability in Q1 2022. This is a solid testament to the team’s effort and it’s a dream I’ve lived as one of the best times of my career. So, I’m absolutely grateful to God for the opportunity to do this in my time.

However, today this chapter as CEO of Farmcrowdy has come to an end. Yes, even founders have a day they exit their own startups and that’s why I’ve preached about building with an exit in mind. Today, I have handed over the reins of running Farmcrowdy’s day-to-day operations to my co-founder and friend, Akindele Phillips, while I take on the new responsibility as Executive Chairman.  

Beyond friendship, Akindele is a chartered accountant and successful entrepreneur who has built two other startups from scratch to profitability in a short period. We worked together on a previous startup before he joined me to launch Farmcrowdy in 2016. So, as he takes on this new challenge, I trust in his abilities to provide the necessary guidance to the team to achieve the next set of goals we’ve put in place for the business.

From the board of directors, the entire Farmcrowdites (our team), and friends of Farmcrowdy, we are absolutely delighted about welcoming you Akindele as the new CEO of Farmcrowdy.

I will now seatback to provide the necessary support needed for the business from a board level and will continue to give any strategic advice when called upon to grow Farmcrowdy into new frontiers.  Also, I will be focusing more attention on Plentywaka going forward as CEO to build the most respectable Transportation-Technology company from Nigeria.  

Congratulations Akindele and the entire team at Farmcrowdy!

Let’s keep having an impact on farmers with technology!

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