Agrific announces the launch of its platform to facilitate agro-commodity trading in Africa

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Block Process Limited has launched its aggregation and trading platform, Agrific, a technology-driven agro-trading marketplace for agriculture commodities in Africa.

Agrific’s platform serves as a one-stop end-to-end integrated platform linking value chain actors to premium markets. On Agrific’s portal, small-holder farmers and major processors/Offtakers are matched paying attention to the unique specifications of the buyers.

The system integrates credible and renowned players in freight services, logistics, and payments sectors thereby allowing everyday Nigerian fund the process of buying and seamlessly.

We believe we have figured out how the future of agri-trading will look like. Enabled by technology, our product will be an entirely new type of market of physical & futures markets hybrid, ensuring truly local, yet global price discovery and 100% automation of all trading processes.

Being market brokers and industry experts, Agrific targets roughly 400 bn USD annually on global trade in grains, oilseeds, vegetable feedstuffs with an initial focus on the very dynamic Emerging Markets’ part.  The framework of the portal was not only built for the Nigerian market but the global market as we have strategic global partners such as  DHL,  Maersk, Paystack/Stripe while pursuing a collaboration with SGS, the world’s leading inspection, verification, testing and certification company such that anyone in any part of the world can log on and hope to get a deal.

Agrific firmly commits to the transformation of food and agriculture to achieve the SDG’s, by building an all in one import and export portal to facilitate international trade between Nigeria and the rest of the world riding on a model that matches farmers to processors and off-takers by eliminating several layers of intermediaries. By doing this, Agrific optimizes market access to African farmers and also improves their income by at least 45%.

The team steered by Agribusiness experts will continue to bridge the gap between rural farmers and processors.  Agrific’s unique proposition lies in its end-to-end integration, firmly consolidating all value chain actors in one platform inclusive of logistics, quality assurance, payment protection and insurance of all traders through its trusted partners.

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